Saturday, January 7, 2012

Word of God has been translated

Word of God has been translated.

In the Hellenistic period seventy Jews translated Hebrew and Aramaic Scriptures into Greek. Septuagint LXX

In the Byzantine period Saint Jerome translated entire Bible into Latin. Vulgata.

In modern times the entire Bible has been translated into 450 languages and parts of it into over 2000 different languages and the translation work goes on. No other book comes even near these statistics.

God thus speaks on this planet everywhere and especially during those days of the week that have been dedicated to Him, on Sabbaths and Sundays.

Whatever your mother tongue you can hear and read the Word of God in your own language.

It is quit a story how the Church of Christ has achieved this number of translations.

Today the Bible is at your fingertips in many languages and translation version also in the Web at Bible Gateway and elsewhere.

You can also freely download your own desktop Bible in electronic form in many languages together with very smart software choosing e-Sword or other packages.

So you have no excuse one day to tell your God "I did not hear and believe your word since I had no Bible in my own language".

A free gift from God to humanity. the Word of God.

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